An Austrian flour mill located behind a barn door at one end of the restaurant. House-made pizza, pasta, soups, breads, sauces, catsup, mayonnaise, mustard, and jam.

Our concept is to prepare and serve high quality fresh food to our customers.

We can't improve on some food items so we work with local food sources such a Creminelli Meats and Gold Creek Farm to supply us with the best meats and cheeses available.

Please join us for lunch or dinner at our restaurant on a quiet, side street in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, right next to Gallivan Plaza and behind the Wells Fargo Building.

A few of our local and regional sources:

Epic/Uinta/Squatter’s/Wasatch/Proper Beer , Gold Creek Farms, Frog Bench Farms, Creminelli Meats, A Priori, Caputos


"Best of State Utah 2015    "Local Pizza "                Best of State Utah 2014 "Local Burger"


City Weekly Food Critic Ted Scheffler, List of Lists 2014:  "My favorite pizza of the year was the (literally) from-scratch pizza found at, not surprisingly, From Scratch."


City Weekly "Best of Utah 2014"     Whiteout Pizza "Garlic Dreams"

From Scratch

New Downtown Eatery Lives Up To Its Name With Pizza Perfection

By Ted Scheffler

"...Easily the best wood-fired pizza I've eaten in Salt Lake City."

"...I don't know that I've ever had a better burger."

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